Martijn, Maarten & Youyi

30. Apr 2024

Back in 2019, we—Feifei, Youyi, and Martijn—left our agency jobs to start With our backgrounds in design and software engineering, we aimed to create digital experiences that were not only beautiful but also smooth and functional. Over the past five years, we have had the pleasure of making this a reality every day.

Embracing Change

However, as with everything in life, things change. A few months ago, Feifei began a new chapter, stepping back from her full-time role at While she’s not in the office daily, her passion and creativity have been foundational to what we’ve achieved and have laid the groundwork for where we are heading! Fortunately, she continues to contribute her expertise in design and UI on a freelance basis.


Three years ago, while we were still based in the Entrepotgebouw, we first met Maarten and instantly bonded over fundamental work principles—principles that inspired us to evolve from to start this new chapter together. Bringing his extensive design expertise and a shared passion for digital craftsmanship, Maarten became not just an essential part of our team but one of the three pillars of


We believe that traditional agencies should be a thing of the past, given the overhead, the multiple layers of communication, and the diluted responsibility as a company expands. Instead, we strongly believe that our true strength lies not in our size, but in our expertise and the close-knit nature of our team. However, our small size, and therefore our agility—not just in the scrum sense—enables us to quickly adapt, embracing changes with the creativity and technical know-how that only a team that works closely together can provide.

The name 'cachet' stands for the ‘magic touch’, the 'oomph', the 'zing' that we want to bring to every project we do. Adding 'studio' to our name highlights our belief in the power of a small, passionate team. At, we focus on crafting solid, well-made digital products—no unnecessary extras, just the real deal. Or as a good pizzeria would put it: Less toppings, more taste. 🍕

We’re no-nonsense digital makers

Our manifesto is simple: Skip the nonsense and focus on designing and building solid digital products—'talk less fluff, make cool stuff.' Our intentionally small team, packed with creative and engineering talent, is deeply dedicated to their craft. This structure enables us to work closely and efficiently, positioning us not as a typical agency but as a dedicated partner in crafting digital experiences that elevate your brand.


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Our website is cleaner than 90% of all web pages globally, emitting only approximately 0.11g of CO2.

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